Daily Giveaways May 10 - 16!

[UPDATE] The Giveaway has been *paused* while we sort out a few issues. Thanks to all those players who reported the discrepancies and thanks to all Captains for your patience. Once we have found and fixed the issues, we'll post a new announcement and restart the Giveaway.

Beginning  May 10, 2020 we will start distributing a gift to each account that logs in every day until May 16, 2020. We’re doing this to thank you *ALL* for being part of our amazing, ongoing community of pirates.

  Each day’s gift will be awarded based on the level of the first character to log on from the account each day during the gift period. Gifts are divided into leveling characters (levels 1-49) and non-leveling characters (level 50). The character you log in with first will determine which of the two types of gifts the account receives. These gifts cannot be traded, but they can be saved for use at a later date, when it is most convenient for you to play. Let’s all be safe, think of the safety of others and have some fun on the Burning Sea until this storm blows over!