Q4 2020 Next Steps

Although it has been mentioned on the official PotBS Discord Server, the launch of the new Game Website, Wiki, Installer, Launcher and v2.17 Build (with all of its many changes) will be followed by the launch of a Marketing Campaign intended to dramatically increase the number of new Captains joining PotBS each month. The first Marketing Campaign in turn will be followed by a staged roll-out of an automatic translation system within the game itself, translation of the Game Website and then promotion of PotBS across multiple languages. The goal is to have a fully-consistent native language experience for new players, from the moment they hit the Game Website, to running the Installer, through to them entering the game via its new Launcher. So the next steps are as follows:

  • Marketing Campaign (English)
  • Translation System Integration
  • Game Website Translation
  • Installer & Launcher Language Preparation
  • Marketing: Spanish / French / German / Russian
  • New Distribution Platforms: Steam & Windows Store

The goal of these next steps are to steadily increase the game’s population, which in turn will allow Vision to add more Staff to the project team. The first new staff to be added are expected to primarily consist of additional Customer Support team members and Programmers. As growth continues, the Programming team will work to restore the creation of additional content.